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Posted on 01.07.15 8:23PM under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters, dog eaters interview

It’s online and absolutely free!

Nice long article about Anthony Zicari (Inkwerks Studio) as well. Anthony will be spearheading the 2nd printing of Dog Eaters this coming year.

This was the last official issue of Self Publishing, it will be called IndyFest from here on out.

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  1. Posted by Aaron Moses. on 01.18.15 11:39 pm

    I am an indy publisher,and I wanted to know, what doe’s someone like me have to do to promote my indy comic book “THE OPOSSUM” on your magazine..Would love to get my name out there,and have seen many of the Self Publishing mag’s online(great stuff) Hear is the link to my comic if you care to see my work.I thank you for your time,and hope to hear from you soon..

  2. Posted by BlackDogClan on 02.10.15 7:00 pm

    Try contacting Ian Shires. He’s the owner of IndyFest (formerly Self Publisher).

    I contacted him a while back and he got back to me recently.

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