Dog Eaters


These members have all been inducted to the Black Dog Clan. Members are automatically telepathically and spiritually linked, so think good thoughts about each other!

There are only two requirements to be a Black Dog Clansman. First you must kill a roach . Or get someone to kill one for you. Then you must have your photo taken so that you can be uploaded to this site.

See if you can find Mathew Fox (Lost), Troy Duffy (director of Boondock Saints), Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed, the terrorist from Season 6 of “24,” and Garrett Wang, who played Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager.

Click once, the photo gets bigger. Then click again and the photo gets even bigger. Click again for maximum enlargement. Or click on “Slide Show” and the let the images of the Clansmen come to you.

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  1. Posted by Metah-4 Genome on 02.09.09 5:36 pm

    yay!!! I am a clansmen!!! I am the one on the 100th and 101st rows!!! First Column and Third!! All Superman’d out!!! Can’t wait to read it!!! It was sooo cool to meet you!

  2. Posted by dho3 on 07.06.09 10:48 am

    chee hoo! aaiieee!

  3. Posted by yakuza_mafia on 07.06.09 2:27 pm

    Dog Eaters
    arigatou ne..
    i had fun althou
    its a short time
    to have met
    the great Malcom
    but i love to be
    in the Dog Eaters Clan
    hope to see yu again
    soon goodluck
    and more power
    ~much respect
    riley yakuza

  4. Posted by MarinDogEater on 04.02.10 10:09 am

    DE Haiku:

    Four Legged Morsel,
    An Indigo tenderness,
    Searching for my fork . . .

  5. Posted by BlackDogClan on 04.02.10 4:24 pm

    Next you must attempt a tanka!

    Like this.

    銀も Shirokane mo What are they to me,
    金も玉も Kugane mo tama mo Silver, or gold, or jewels?
    何せむに Nanisemu ni How could they ever
    まされる宝 Masareru takara Equal the greater treasure
    子にしかめやも Koni shikame yamo That is a child? They can not.

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