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Live @ Fu-chi-Ku-chi

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Live in Shimokitazawa: Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, and opening for them, Otake Kohan.



Julian and Victoire enjoyed the show and Georges (still in vitro) danced the night away!


Otake Kohan




Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa’s 3rd album, “Are Euphoria,” will be out in Japan on April 5. It’s their first album in 3 years and the very first from 7e.p. Check out the first cut from the album at

“Snow Miku” exhibition @ Pixiv Zingaro

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Snow Miku, who is Hatsune Miku dressed as a snow queen is the character for the Snow Festival in Hokkaikdo. A show of Snow Miku are is now at Kaikai Kiki’s gallery in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo until Jan 24.

snow miku_4

snow miku

snow miku_3

Fan art/graffiti.

snow miku_6

snow miku_5

snow miku_2


Julian and Victoire are in Tokyo for a quick visit before she gives birth to Georges in 3 months. Victoire is the oldest daughter of CWC artist, François Avril.

CWC and Junie Moon has also done a collaboration with Blythe and Hatsune Miku.


Looking through old photos

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And seeing this in a new light…


Ze’s won a reprieve..

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Chelsea Manning, the Army intelligence analyst convicted in a 2010 leak of security documents, is set to be freed in five months instead of in 2045.

A song by Cloud Hands Project about Chelsea