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Honolulu – Kahului

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hawaiian air



This is the lower mala at Anekona before it got cleaned up.


This is Brandy’s place. Bobby Pahia “leases” it and is contemplating planting an organic ground cover. He has been a traditional farmer using fertilizers and herbicides. His kalo is huge…

Glass umeke, lollipop & crystal ku’ ‘ai

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Made in October and November 2016

bl,or,yel net ku'i 'ai

two pink umeke

8" umeke

pink umeke w:pewa

crystal ku' 'ai

martha’s vineyard in the offseason

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The island where presidents come to r-e-l-a-x — at least the ones that want to emulate John F. Kennedy. His widow, Jacky Bouvier Kennedy Onassis lived in Chilmark. John Jr. died in a plane crash on his way to Martha’s Vineyard with his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren in 1999.

It’s a lovely place but I don’t think that Trump will vacation there. Massachusetts is a blue state and MV is even bluer.


Route 24 to 25 heading to Woods Hole.

woods hole2

View from the ferry leaving Woods Hole.


Entering Vineyard Haven harbor. It’s a working shipyard.




Grace Church, Vineyard Haven where my father’s ashes were re-interred.


After a long discussion with our old best friend, Barry, we were assured that everything would be just fine! Don’t worry!


Our original cottage that was burned down in 1973. This became the back as it was actually two houses connected with a door on the 2nd floor. Arson was the cause and it was alleged that the perpetrator was a close relative of the fire chief. Scuttlebutt was he was banished from the island, but who knows?


Most photographed cottage in the Campground.


Everyone needs attention so there are more than one pink house, now.






Menemsha, a working fishing harbor. Also a Coast Guard base and the staging place for the rescue attempt after John Jr. crashed his plane.


Since it will be Thanksgiving — another ambivalent, imperialist holiday — this week, the sight of these feral turkeys quickened this feral bird hunter’s pulse.

Winter is coming

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First snow on Fuji-san. Seems like Tokyo skipped autumn this year. Might be a cold one.


Umahana Sensei at Anekona

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Japanese “delicious flower” Yukio Otani sensei is at Anekona on a lei-making retreat.

Sunrise Anekona

The other mountain I see all the time, Haleakala.

Umahana Lei in Anekona 2

Umahana Lei in Anekona

Umahama Sensei in Kauai

Umahama rose in Anekona

All creations made with the flora on Anekona.