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Just a tangerine sunrise

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Just a tangerine sunrise
Starin’ slowly ‘cross the sky said hello
There’s always room to grow
Workin’ on the dreams she planned to try
The days go by


msw selfie_4

aniani ku’i ‘ai

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5.58 lb & 6.55 lb_2


6.55 lb_sideview

3 sm stubbies

5.58 lb bottom view

red,yellow 6.2lb_2

red,yellow 6.2lb_top

On the road again…

Posted on 09.24.16 under pokemon go

The wedding carriage at the Westin in Ebisu is used up to ten times a day (on weekends). Another expression of the mechanization of life today.

wedding carriage

Pikachu is everywhere, these days. While the children bounce inside Pikachu’s inflatable body, adults play Pokemon Go at Narita.


Think Kate Winslet can’t be improved on? Not true… Even Lancome can be improved on…

Warehouse of Dreams & Predawn Voices

Posted on 09.10.16 under Cloud Hands Project, Predawn Voices, warehouse of dreams

New tunes by Cloud Hands Project.

Warehouse of Dreams

Predawn Voices

They’re pretty good!