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Have a Merry Alban Arthan!

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winter holidays

Keiichi Suzuki celebrates 45 years

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Keiichi Suzuki has been performing professionally since 1970. He played at the Melpark Tokyo with 30 musicians he’s played with over his career — and Dustin Wong — for his new songs. It was a great honor and Dustin played great!

bs flowers

The show will be televised on BS Fuji sometime in 2016. For some reason, BS Asahi sent flowers.


Dustin visited us (Junko, Takako, and me) during intermission.

guest pass


Didn’t take a photo of Dustin playing — we had guest passes and I didn’t want to be a bad guest. However, Keiichi did say at this moment, it was okay to take photos.

Recent Glass

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Glass poi pounders made with McKinley High’s black and gold colors. This is Sam ‘Ohu Gon‘s Christmas present. He created the oli (Hawaiian chant) that Haruno performed at the Hula O Na Keiki last month and generously gave his time to coach her via Skype.

yellow gobs_2

These goblets are for a wedding. These are for the bride and her maids.

4 bluestemgobs

These were intended for the groom and groomsmen, but will also try for a beer rather than wine glass shape.

The Force was with us

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Saw the matinee on the first day it played in Honolulu at the Cinerama. No one was there…

star wars

StormTrooper Elvis and the Suicide Girls remind us: “May the Force by with you.”


Cult of getting

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More out of life than your friends…


Model: Kaori Kuwata

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