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Preparation for Hula o na Keiki

Posted on 10.16.15 under Halau Napualikolokelani, hula

We were in search of the red clay, alaea, to dye cloth. It took us to Awalau Farms in Haiku. They have an annual Halloweenish event, so we were greeted with these signs.
mythical creatures2

dragon lair_2

don't let unicorns

It’s the Haunted Haiku Hike. With an exclamation mark.

haunted haiku hike

clay yurt
This is the yurt where the dried alaea is weighed and bagged.

serene pours2

serene weighs

Alaea is pretty expensive because it is used as a clay mask beauty treatment in spas in the Wailea resorts. We were told we could dig for free, but we also bought some out of courtesy.


“Her hands were red. But not with blood. With alaea…

Alaea fabric

The final product.

Dustin’s birthday

Posted on 10.09.15 under Dustin Wong

October 9. Is the same birthday as John and Sean Lennon, Jackson Browne, Guillermo del Toro, John Entwistle, P.J Harvey and even Sharon Osbourne.

Dustin scats

dustin,takako china sched

Dustin is touring China now with Takako Minekawa and is off to Europe on Oct 22 to do his solo act with Beach House.

Black Paris

Posted on 10.09.15 under Paris


It says, “Facebook,” but FaceBook doesn’t own these images. It looks like that beauty parlor has appropriated the name!






More Million Carats

Posted on 10.01.15 under jeffrey Fulvimari, Kaori Kuwata, Million Carats

Kaori wears JF for Million Carats



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