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Is it still —

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I mean, is it Halloween, yet?

Halloween 1983

Halloween 1982

Halloween 1983

Time to put the mask on?

“Helluva a party, that must have been a helluva party!” said the professor when she saw the sneaker footprint on the back of a student’s work.

Meanwhile, still looking for an appropriate persona.
la deputy sheriff

halloween is a one month holiday

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If you have your own hair/make, Halloween is a breeze!


Plants can also be made homeless, too

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From a domesticated pot to a shadow behind a dumpster — it’s a sad transition…


But a chance to make it on their own, even it’s just a feral existence!

Maui weather has had a few days of “normal”

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It’s been a very different last couple of years, weatherwise, in the Islands. The number of tropical storms and hurricanes that have effected Hawaii are three times what they have been in the past. It could be due to the Super El Niño, but perhaps this is the new normal.

Clear Glass Poi Pounders

Posted on 10.17.15 under blown glass, poi pounders

With special thanks to Jerry Konanui for the marvelous papa ku’i’ai — the poi pounding board.

2 clear pounders_5

2 clear pounders_4

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