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Remembering SuperDesignerKato

Posted on 09.11.15 under Hiroshi Sunto, One More Kiss, Rebecca

a yasu world

It was great to meet up with Hiroshi Sunto, we hadn’t seen him in about 20 years. He put together an exhibition of Yasutaka Kato‘s work and recreated part of his studio as a remembrance after his sudden and untimely death earlier this year.


The 80s was the era of rock bands in Japan, before hip hop and rap. Yasutaka Kato designed a lot of great album covers for CBS-Sony (now Sony Music) back then, I worked with him on few projects, the one I remember best is “One More Kiss,” by Rebecca. I directed the music video for that song and also their first music video, “Virginity.” Really dated, but that was the 80s on Super8…

Coincidentally, the exhibition was held on the 3rd floor gallery called, Billion, the same building that the restaurant Ichioku (one million) has been since the 70s. Last time I ate there was in the early 80s.


Time… It’s relentless.


The Force

Posted on 09.09.15 under Cloud Hands Project, Star Wars, The Force

The energy for Star Wars is building! May THE FORCE be with you!


Stormtrooper Elvis hobnobs with the Suicide Girls before going off to court Princess Leia

When you pretend

Posted on 09.06.15 under Cloud Hands Project, Cornelius, Milo Oyamada, Takako Minekawa

New song by Cloud Hands Project, “When You Pretend,” featuring the guitar of Milo Oyamada, son of Takako Minekawa and Cornelius.
gently caressing
Milo tends to business…

Two brothers

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Getting together after not seeing each other for a couple of years…dustin,isaac9-5-15_lite
And yes, blows were struck, tears were shed, laughter was heard, a clan war broke out, tore the city to shreds and the cost of everyone’s insurance went up.

This girl

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Met her in a fantasy. She had a sharp sword…


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