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Look, up in the sky!

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SuperMoon!


“A spicy sweetness on an autumn’s eve
Full moon’s promise making lovers believe
Go freeze this moment for eternity
And lock it in a vault, throw out the key…”

A variation (to fit the season) of the song, “And So It Goes.”

Fund raiser for Haruno @ Nogata

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Haruno is going to Maui in November to compete in the Hula o na Keiki in Kaanapali. We’re raising money for her to go.
At practice a couple of days before the performance. Haruno has two solos she must dance at the competition.


The entire halau danced at the hoike, the keikis were predictably as cute as you would think.

haruno9Yes, it’s a backbend with meaning and intention!




Making that skirt fly!


After the show at Nogata Kumin Hall. It was almost perfect!


Jonah Molina from Maui and Kamehameha Schools teaches papa ukulele to the keikis. The keikis improvement is incredible!


They make a pretty face for the camera.


This one is a little better.

lingering crowd

It was a full house. These are the lingering admirers. Notice Jeffrey Fulvimari?

halau group2

Under the direction of Junko Wong!

And now he’s here

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ebisu mitsu
Jeffrey Fulvimari takes a smoke break after a live painting and signing at Ebisu Mitsukoshi.
JF smoking
There was a popup shop and a mini-exhibition as well.
jf painting2
jf painting
jf q&a

All dressed up and waiting for Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Fulvimari, that is.


Kaori wears a one-piece from the long-awaited Fulvimari fashion brand, debuting this fall via Million Carats.


Meiji to Yasukuni Dori

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isaac jins3_lite
Isaac after getting new glasses at Jins on Meiji Dori near Meiji Jingu Crossing
Shinjuku 4-chome

yasukuni dori
Yasukuni Dori, Shinjuku

omoide yokocho
Omoide Yoko-cho or Memory Alley

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