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Brass, Bronze, and Stone

Posted on 08.29.15 under aquaponics

brass face

Found at the annual Feutrier Flea Market on the last day of June. Got a handful of these brass pieces for 10€

bronze suits,fleur3

The bronze glass mold with was made by Ken Ibaraki in the late 70s. Brass piece from the Feutrier flea market


This pōhaku ku‘i ‘ai (stone poi pounder) was found at Anekona Farms. This is the second one found here. Unfortunately, the first one was lost, misplaced, or stolen…

There are mysterious sculptural artifacts placed in trees throughout the property.

Anekona Farms is ready to ship!

Posted on 08.13.15 under aquaponics

With manager Ron Ganga, Anekona Farms has taken a firm step forward.

We have some great, sweet vegetables!

purple choy


The vegetables are fed by these beasts — and the nitrifying bacteria in the system.

tilapia feeding from Malcolm Wong on Vimeo.

Urge for Going

Posted on 08.09.15 under Cloud Hands Project, Joni Mitchell, Urge for Going

A rare cover for Cloud Hands Project: Urge for Going

One of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs.