Dog Eaters

Silence of the Deer

Posted on 06.29.15 under aya fujimoto, Isaac Wong, miyuki odani, umami, uzuraya

Aya (OuiOui), Miyuki Odani, Isaac and I popped our heads into a shop on rue de Rochechouart and was rewarded with a thin sliver of deer ham.

deer leg

deer leg2

deer leg3

She asked us if we were from Japan and said there’s a word to describe the taste, “umami.” It was a delicate smoked ham flavor with the hint of a hard cheese in the aftertaste.

Last Sunday of June

Posted on 06.29.15 under Paris

Is a flea market on Rue de Feutrier. The last several years it has rained, but this Sunday was gorgeous!

feutrier flea market

feutrier flea market_02

feutrier flea market_05

feutrier flea market_14

There seems to be a lot of interest in taxidermy and large mounted insects in display boxes.

feutrier flea market_hitler lighter

And a pinpoint of interest in Nazis, perhaps…

feutrier flea market_10

feutrier flea market_16

And/or politics…

feutrier flea market_15

feutrier flea market_20

And breasts are always in fashion.

feutrier flea market_21

And grammar.

ecole maternelle

But what does an alligator have to do with a kindergarten?

feutrier flea market_27

feutrier flea market_25

I think we discussed sociopolitical issues, but perhaps that was my imagination.

feutrier flea market_29

But the real treasure was the vintage Sony Walkman in mint condition!

Ground Control to Major Kim

Posted on 06.28.15 under art space paris, françois avril, Ground Control, Junko Wong, Kim Gérard, Kim Rosselier, Paris

Ground Control is an art space/multiple bar and brasserie/event space/playground that exists for one year at a specific location.

ground control

An unused government property, in this case an old railway station, is taken over for a limited amounted of time and transformed into a cultural destination.

ground control_2

ground control_3

ground control_4

ground control_5

ground control_6

ground control_7

ground control_8

ground control_10

ground control_11

Kim Rosselier (ne Kim Gérard) has an exhibition there until next week.

ground control_kim2

He visited us in Tokyo with Victoire, an old family friend who’s father, François Avril, is an artist of CWC.

ground control_victoire

ground control_isaac

ground control_isaac2

Isaac checked out all the nooks and crannies.

We got one of Kim’s t-shirts.

ground control_kim,junko2

It’s a fun space. Great for sunbathing!

ground control_lovers

Gay Paris…

Posted on 06.23.15 under Paris

We are here for a BlytheCon and staying near Sacre Coeur in Paris…

sacre coeur3

Here’s the view from the window.


Victoire was kind enough to let us stay in her and Julian’s place!

beware pickpockets

There are warnings for pickpockets everywhere…

cine atlas


wall texture

Lots of nice textures, everywhere.

sacre coeur painting
This painting looks so real because raindrops are painted on the window of the view.




More Opera. Good place to change your money, too.


More Opera.

le chat noir

The cat that lives in the building. Seems like an old soul.

First step at “Happy Writers”

Posted on 06.17.15 under screenwriting, Stage 32, The TransMutant

Every journey starts with a first step. THE TRANSMUTANT has taken that first tentative step by making the quarter finals of a screenplay contest: Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest.

At least two or three steps need to be taken before anyone gets too excited…


In 2075, a jaded war correspondent infiltrates a hit team carrying the head of a charismatic spiritual leader to a lab for re-animation. If he can outfox the hit team and save the leader from being turned into the Anti-Christ, it could mean peace on earth.

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