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New Cloud Hands tune

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Deja Vu

Yoichi Wada lecture poster art by Isaac Wong

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Yoichi Wada is a seminal figure in the Japanese gaming world. He is the former president and representative director of the Japanese video game and publishing company Square Enix as well as its subsidiary Taito.

Nice job, Isaac!

After the hurricane

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A lot of rain, but not much damage. It’s been a historically wet year…

The palms at Honolulu International Airport.

Banana at Anekona

Aina and Namaka at Maui Mall, Kahului.

Ella is an “action” photographer!

Dinner by destiny

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We have had unexpected electrical problems at Anekona. On Sunday, the backup system crashed MECO service to the house. Just the opposite of its purpose. Hopefully this will get straightened out.

We had casualties but we did end up with some fresh fish. The water has been clear and the fish tasted, if not great, good enough 😉

On Tuesday, MECO went out for an hour or so. We had no backup, since it didn’t work. Great suggestion by Bryson to run the hoses into the fish tanks to circulate the water and aerate and bleed off the extra water into the taro patch.

The shoefish is a common bottom feeder that requires meticulous cleaning before it is cooked. Petroleum distillates are recommended to take off chewing gum and clorox to be sure that any particles remaining do not contain dog fecal e-coli. Rinse well and cook whole on the grill or slice into bite-sized pieces for sauté.

The fish on top only requires gutting, skinning, and filleting.

Top Chef here I come!

We’ve been negligent with the Japanese cucumbers, too. These got way too big…

wine glass sets

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Recently when blowing glass, I’ve been focusing on making sets. From most recent to first efforts. Two sets to a Maui part-time resident. Two sets to a wine bar in Setagaya. One set to birthday boy, Dustin.

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