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Amost there, but have low pH

Posted on 07.02.14 under aquaponics

Things (specifically basil and lettuces) are growing but our water chemistry is still a bit acidic…

Some form of calcium, either carbonate or hydroxide, is the way to raise the pH.

Plant are impartial in where they get their nutrients. So the source of the nitrates, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium etc. does not matter. What matters is whether the method of harvesting the nutrients are sustainable or not. Before fertilizers were derived from petroleum from 1840 – 1870, Peru was the primary source of fertilizer. But they used it without thinking about how to renew it.

The Incans forbade the killing of the sea birds that shat on the coastal islands, thus preserving the source. White people, in this case those of Spanish lineage, used this wealth to enrich themselves and exercised control over the political system with the sole intention of preserving its own interests.

This sounds so familiar and timeless, doesn’t it? But I digress.

The most important thing to consider is whether pesticides and herbicides are used. GMO isn’t inherently evil, but the way that GMO has predominantly been used is to make crops pesticide and herbicide resistant.

These glyphosate poisons have (anecdotally) been causing the health problems that are emerging in the United States.

We are not using any herbicides or pesticides and hope to be able to provide alternatives to the current diabetes and cancer medical practices through green juicing.

This journey is still in its infancy…

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