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Hula Lehua @ Roppongi Hills

Posted on 06.22.14 under Halau Napualikolokelani, hula, miss hula hawaii

The Hula Lehua Competition has been held at Roppongi Hills, a high-end shopping/culture center since its inception.

This year was different from last year for Halau Napualikolokelani When Ebi (Keiko Iwai) won the Miss Hula Hawaii contest (2013). For one thing, the name changed to Hula Lehua. For another, photography and video was prohibited.

And in 2013, Ebi won a trip to Honolulu and modeled for the Hula Lehua fashion catalog.

This year Halau Napualikolani had two entries, Girls Solo and Wahine Solo. Both Haruno and Kaori had great performances, the best in their categories, but they both finished 2nd. As you can see, they are very happy with the results and that speaks to their character and what they want to get out of a hula competition. They both understand that this is a journey, not an end in itself.

When a decision depends on a judgement, there are no guarantees that the best performance will win. The judges may be looking for other things. There may be agendas… But that’s a conspiracy theory for another time and place ; )

There was one minute and thirty seconds for rehearsal.

This year the competition was a bit unorganized as the entire staff from 2013 quit. Dresses were still be altered the day of the competition. Scheduling was last minute and changing.

But hey, we entered and 2nd place isn’t bad. We’ll take it.

Halau Napualikolokelani is under the direction of Sensei Junko Wong and advised by Kumu Hula Hokulani Holt.

Looks like we can grow lettuce…

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Tokyo sunset

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But the sun never sets. The earth spins…

There are so many things that look so simple and logical that we draw the wrong conclusion. Even things that we witness first hand.

Blythe for Bottega Veneta at Isetan Department Store

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Blythe x Bottega Veneta super-sized mannequins were on display in the front windows at the flagship Isetan Department store, Shinjuku San-Chome in Tokyo.

But, on a discreet sign inside, “Don’t take photographs inside the store,” with a politely bowing icon.

People took photos like crazy anyway…

In the market for a $4,000 – $6,000 hand bag?

I thought so!

This season’s bikinis are an eyeful…

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Tan lines must be adjusted.

Just guessing that tops and bottoms are sold separately. 50% off if you don’t buy the top!

After looking at these bikinis for a few hours, the “old” bikini bottoms start looking like diapers…

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