Dog Eaters

Getting closer…

Posted on 03.10.14 under Dog Eaters

Dog Eaters, the iBook, should be ready for submission to iTunes very soon!

Cover takes shape

Posted on 03.09.14 under Dog Eaters

Next step in the rough stage.

Art by Guillermo Angel

Revisiting Issue#1

Posted on 03.07.14 under Dog Eaters

First roughs for the new cover for iBook

Posted on 03.03.14 under Dog Eaters

Dog Eaters will be released as an iBook through Media11:11. We are going to have a new cover for this version. Roughs by Guillermo Angel.

Tracy’s been through the mill, but she remains defiant and full of fight. There are still more obstacles to overcome…

The print version of this 200 page, full-color graphic novel should be available again in a few short months under the Sea Lion Books imprint.

Fingers crossed!

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