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Issue#4 cover

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All issues of Dog Eaters have been approved by iBookstore and the current go-live date planned for April 1st.

Asking for a big favor here. On April 1, download each book (tall order, I know) and give it a rating and review, it would be very helpful. It will really make a huge difference in how things go.

Thanks so much!

iTunes Preview here.

It feels like winter is over at last

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Pizza and subs in Wailuku.

Cover #3

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120 minute nonstop live @ Soup

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Dustin played without stopping to take a breath, one tune merging into another for 2 hours straight…

Dustin’s latest album, Mediation of Ecstatic Energy.

Two days later, Dustin had a talk/performance with photographer, Honma Takashi, at the Axis Building in Roppongi.

Tokyo Tower

The talk included video footage of a deer hunt in Hokkaido. There was a shot of a deer scrambling to escape in slow motion, hunters in florescent garb, butchering, the preparation of venison in a small gourmet restaurant. And three kinds of birds that descended on the offal. The small birds came first. Then the crows. Then the hawks came last.

Dog Eaters iBook Issue #2

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