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Blythe moves to Omotesand Hills

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On the main drag between Harajuku and Aoyama, you will find the high-end shopping center, Omotesando Hills. Bottega Veneta moved a couple of the large-scale Blythe mannequins to their store there.

Everyone who passed by took photos. That’s Junko Wong, the creative producer of Blythe, in the doorway with the iPhone.

Including me, Blythe’s step-father…

A few pages from the fashion spread in Spur Magazine. Check out the video on YouTube or watch it below.

Sunrise in Tokyo…

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The sign and the signified

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Sometimes it’s hard to figure it out…

Sometimes meaning is about scale. Sometimes it just means something’s big.

Blythe, the mannequin, will be at the Bottega Veneta Shop in (2-5-14 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061) until Feb. 16.

Then she and her twin are moving to Omotesando Hills (between Harajuku and Aoyama) from Feb 17 to March 3.

Raising the nitrates

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In a stroke of serendipity, Malcolm was introduced to Diana by Justin at Whole Foods Kahului. Justin was stocking produce and the talk turned to being a vendor for Whole Foods. When Malcolm mentioned that there were no aquaponics produce, Justin pointed Diana out.

“She does aquaponics,” said Justin.

Diana and Nicholas have several ponds filled with tilapia and they had fingerlings available for sale. The Anekona Aquaponics has about 45 tilapia that has given us a nitrate level of 20. We need a level of 160 – 200 to grow bok choy.

A couple of days later, Nicholas and Diana brought about 125 Israeli Blue fingerlings.

And put them in FT2 (fish tank 2). That tripled the amount of fish in the system.

Nicholas and Bryson study the germinating seeds in the nursery.

Diana (left) and Kathryn (right)
Malcolm gave Nicholas and Diana a kalo and a glass poi pounder in the hope of getting more of the Israeli Blues!

The day before the Super Bowl, there are rainbows…

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The road from Paia approaching Kahului.

These poi pounders have 4 1/2″ mole, which is the bottom of the pounder. They are between 7 1/2″ to 8 1/4″ in height.

Bottom view.

Top view