Dog Eaters

Back to nature

Posted on 01.31.14 under aquaponics

There were three days of steady and often heavy rain.

Sometime during the 3rd day, a tilapia jumped out of the covered tank. It was our 3rd fatality…

And yes, we have bananas.

And then the sun came out.

Bug eater…

And yet another bug eater.

LIve at UFO, Koenji, Tokyo

Posted on 01.19.14 under Blythe, Dustin Wong, Momus, Takako Minekawa

Takako Minekawa played her first solo live in 13 years at UFO.

Buddy & the Mechanics were also on the bill.

While they played, we hung out in the green room with Momus who came up from Osaka to do this show.

Hippopota Momus was the first CD Isaac got (from his brother, Dustin), so it was kind of thrilling for him to meet him.

Dustin and Junko take a seat…

A British(?) author, Justin Isis, was also in green room trying to rustle up some promotion shots for a novel he wrote with Quentin S. Crisp, and Brendan Connell, “The Cutest Girl in Class.” Set in New Jersey, the cover featured a model holding Blythe. An unauthorized usage, by the way. He spent the rest of the evening in a state of nerves probably hoping that he wouldn’t have to pay royalties…

A fun night, with the added bonus of being close to home.

Skimming through Chiang Mai

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Apparently they are…

Another reminder.

And then in a restaurant nearby, you have this interesting statement.

We visited the school where an old family friend’s wife teaches.

They also had a proverbs to live by…

I always need this reminder…

Unblessed Buddhas…

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In a small village outside of Chiangmai, a bronze foundry manned by Burmese workers cranks out Buddhist statuary for temples in Thailand.

These are some of the Buddhas that are still looking for a home. Orphans, you might call them…

New Years Day at Narita Airport

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They serve sake in a wooden box, gratis, at Narita Airport on New Years Day.