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Welcome, 2014!

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Boys’ Night out

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Heading up Dogenzaka from the Hachiko side of Shibuya Station.

The understated entrance to Le Baron for the Syn City Christmas Ball.

Line-up: TETSUYA KOMURO、キノコホテル (Kinoco Hotel)、Cherry Brown、Quarta 330、aus + TAKCOM、Shaula Vogue、Dustin Wong、Wata Igarashi、Cuushe (DJ Set)、djshorge、JR Chaparro (DJ Set)

Dustin and Isaac haven’t seen each other for over a year…

Dustin played a great set. You can check him out at Thrill Jockey and Plancha/Art Union.

Shaula Vogue, model and dj from Honolulu. Not a flattering photo, but…

She really looks like this —

For the purient-minded, a few more shots here.
Not a real crazy scene, Dustin told me that it was illegal to dance, which struck me as strange. But nobody did dance…

Oshi (Plancha/Art Union) and JR Chapparo, creative planner for Syn (thanks for booking Dustin!)

Invoke the Ghosts…

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Image: Dustin Wong Music: Cloud Hands Project

Click here to listen to the song.

“Like Neil Young being gang-raped by Suede while Olivia Tremor Control look on, pointing and laughing.” — Witchlord

Gradually, step by step, inch by inch

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Ounce by ounce… We’re getting there…

Hanging out at the breeding tank (a Bryson Corey design). Still in at the beta stage — breeder fish will be added in the new year after the kinks (leaks!) are worked out and sealed.

Walter (deWalt) surveys the retaining wall and ramp forms.

Periscope for viewing fish.

The better to see you, my dear…

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Hulali shows how she employs her extra-sensory vision.

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