Dog Eaters

Surfs up?

Posted on 10.31.13 under aquaponics

Walter waits for the wave machine to start.

Normally seen windsurfing Hookipa, Walter waits to drop in on a record-setting wave scheduled to break in … hmmm… trying to see why the computer crashed.

Well, he’ll have to wait until after we get back from the Genius Bar

Meanwhile, back on land in the dirt…

Sound Check for the “Mediation of Ecstatic Energy” Drop party

Posted on 10.30.13 under Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong

The view from O-Nest Shibuya where Dustin Wong played his drop “party.” Dogenzaka is comprised mainly of love hotels, medium capacity live music venues, pretty but shady-looking girls, musicians and techs, and various underworld types.

A few recent bowls

Posted on 10.30.13 under blown glass

Glass by Malcolm…


Posted on 10.28.13 under hula

You think your Kung-fu is pretty good, huh?!

Well, you haven’t faced Halau Napualikolokelani!

Insect control, naturally

Posted on 10.28.13 under aquaponics

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes in water and air. With the guppies, they have eradicated all the mosquitoes in the aquaponics area!

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