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Who am I? Who are you?

Posted on 08.29.13 under Dustin Wong

And sometimes you might think you have to ignore the pimples, warts, and wrinkles. But perhaps it’s better to try to do something about them…

Art by Dustin Wong.

Looking for a suitable machine gun

Posted on 08.25.13 under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters

Something that mounts in the bed, preferable a double-barreled 50 caliber machine gun with a grenade launcher.

Searching Cragslist now…

Getting really pregnant…

Posted on 08.25.13 under aquaponics

Not the birth canal, but two of the aquaponics troughs with the completed netting structure.

When you’re six months pregnant, you can’t just hit “pause” and go do something else. We are more than fully committed…

In lieu of taking meds for cancer, diabetes and other conditions that the Western medical culture loves to hook you on, I think that raw vegetable juicing might be part of a good start to get off them.

Heat Seekers…

Posted on 08.15.13 under Uncategorized

Beauty fades…

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa @ Fuji Rock 2013

Posted on 08.12.13 under Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong, Fuji Rock 2013, Takako Minekawa

Fuji Rock is held annually in Naeba which is on the eastern slope of Mount Takenoko (筍山) in Yuzawa (湯沢町), Niigata Prefecture.

On Sunday July 28, 2013 Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa played the Avalon Stage which was powered by solar panels and recycled tempura oil — No Nukes!

Headliners on the Green Stage were: Nine Inch Nails (Fri), Bjork (Sat), and The Cure (Sun).

PW to watch this is: dustinfujirock

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