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Fuji Rock Update

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From the Japan Times:

Headliners at the Green Stage were Nine Inch Nails on Friday, Bjork on Saturday, and The Cure on Sunday, but this year the attendance was 110,000 — the lowest it’s been since 2004…

Fuji Rock, Naeba, Niigata

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A report from a very narrow perspective…

Oshi-san waits with the gear in front of Hikarie Building in Shibuya.

In front of a backdrop from the past. Of what it was in the past…

On the road after Dustin and Takako return with coffee and croissants.

At a pitstop for bathroom on the way, an abandoned travel good luck charm.

While we wait for Dustin…

Schedule of events at the Fuji Rock check-in.

Stink eye.

“We’re going here.”

An oddly toned exhortation for vehicles to slow down: “You bastard! Slow down! Thank you!”

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa stroll to Red Marquee.

Green Stage (the biggest) panarama

Random crowd shot at Green Stage.

Yo La Tengo is the next band up on the Green Stage.

Yo La Tengo

The biggest stages at large music festivals are also experienced as media even when you are there.

Complete with announcements and commercials.

The meal tickets were accepted here. 600 JPY bought a small bowl of chicken curry and some boiled mountain vegetables.

No where to sit, so we stopped to eat at the Red Marquee.

Daughter. Tasteful, inoffensive and ultimately… not that interesting…

Takako Minekawa

Numerous campgrounds sprinkled throughout the ski area.

Dustin carries a bag head sling-style.

Walk from the White Stage to Avalon.

From the upper slope, moving closer to the Avalon Stage. Avalon uses off-the-grid energy. No Nukes! It has the most hippy-like essence of Fuji Rock.

Front of Avalon Stage. Sunflowers can absorb radiation and are recommended if you have a nuclear disaster in your neighborhood.

Dustin Wong’s solo set.

Takako shares the mic with Dustin.

The principals of the dance company, Strange Kinokos, came to see Dustin!

Vantage point from the recent past…

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Diamond Head to Ala Moana from Tantalus, circa 1977-78.

Warming up to Fuji Rock

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Dustin played a Foundland showcase at Vacant in Ura-Harajuku.

Next we we’re going to Fuji Rock on July 28. He’s playing the NEW POWER GEAR Stage / Gypsy Avalon at 6:30. Should be interesting

July 21 was an evening of drumless, vocal-less music. Drums are inciters of exuberance and penchant for violence. It expresses emotions beyond that which can be stated in speech.

This was music of the three higher chakras…

Dustin played an ambient set. Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart played guitar and violin respectively and James Blackshaw played an open-tuned 12-string guitar.

Enter at your own risk!

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This is “Stand Your Ground” taken to the next level. Patrolled by armed drones with HD infrared cameras.

Domed tank.

Lined trough.

Yes, it seems to hold water.

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