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Miss Hula Hawaii @ Roppongi Hills

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Huge congratulations to Napualiko Lokelani, Junko Wong Sensei and Kumu Hokulani Holt for the wonderful results at Miss Hula Hawaii Contest 2013!!
Arisa So – 3rd place, Miss Hula Hawaii Girl (solo)

Shuko Saito, Arisa, Keiko Iwai (Ebi), Ritsuho, Haruno – 2nd place Wahine Group

Iwai Keiko (Ebi) – 1st place Miss Hula Hawaii
She’s Queen for the Day! Actually for the year as she has photo shoots, appearances, ect. like a Miss America.

Waiting for the results is a tense moment of hope broken with laughter.

Prepare for all situations

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photo©ptb estate

Glassblowing hasn’t changed all that much

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Just has less of a Mexican and more of an Italian flavor…

@ the glass lab at the University of Hawaii, Manoa
Photo by Peter T. Brown

On Father’s Day

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Sometimes we romanticize the parent-child relationship, but the reality is usually pretty complicated.

Hopefully at the end of the day, there is love and appreciation.

From Dog Eaters, the graphic novel.

A message from the past

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Going through old negatives in storage for over 30 years..

Redza Piyadasa (1939 – 2007) makes a sweeping proclamation, “Art is a Lie!” to Fred Roster at his One-Man MFA Show on the 3rd floor plaza of the Art Building, University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1977.
photo by Peter T. Brown (1955-1981)

Fragments of a conceptual art piece by Redza Piyadasa at the University of Hawaii, Manoa (1977)

Liz Lee points out something of interest in the wreckage of Redza’s art after the show closed to Peter T. Brown.

Photo by Malcolm Wong w/Peter’s camera.

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