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Supporting Sun Yat Sen and the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty

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Malcolm’s grandmother, Edith Lee, in front of a training plane at the the Victoria Chinese Aviation School. Edith’s brother-in-law, Chan Dun, founded this school for pilots fighting to overthrow the Qing Dynasty around 1920 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Edith emigrated to Canada to help care for her older sister’s 12 children (4 of which are shown) with Chan Dun.

Sending Aloha your way!

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Kumu Hokulani Holt chanted to open the performance at VenusFort, Odaiba, Tokyo.

Halau Napualikolokelani is directed by Sensei Junko Wong with Kumu Hoku giving overarching guidance.

Ebi will be dancing this in competition in June.

Arisa is also competing next month.

And these girls will dance in the group competition.

With uli uli.

Dustin in the Pacific

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Dustin played a series of shows in Tokyo, Honolulu and Maui as the year 2011 ended. This is the story…

This was a promotional DVD that was a give-a-way to people who bought “Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads” in Japan in 2012. Dustin’s CDs are available from Amazon

tragedy of violence

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Will these stories never end?

In order for mankind to step up to the next level of existence, as a group, we’ll have to end the cycle of violence.

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa @ Kichimu, Kichijoji

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Kichimu, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa

With Junko Wong

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