Dog Eaters

Spring moon

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Signs of the Apocalypse, I mean Monsanto, I mean, hmmm…

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Canefire blown by tradewinds. Giving you some scale and perspective, the smaller smoke cloud on the left is the Kahului Sugar Mill. The “hill” in the background is Haleakala…

This seedless papaya was grown (accidently) from composted store-bought papaya. Now if you were a Monsanto conspiracy theorist, you would say that their papayas were genetically modified so that they would not produce seed.

Sunrise of Spring Solstice

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Empty opihi. Freshly eaten, I’m sure…

Aina gets her hands on Dog Eaters

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And won’t relinquish it!

She’s very critical, but I’m looking forward to her feedback.

After two years…

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The fallout from Fukushima is not just just the radiation, but the debris that is washing up in North America. Some of it’s harmless, but some is toxic material like full paint cans, industrial cleansers and solvents and distillates.

Who knows when we’ll know just what the cumulative effects are?

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