Dog Eaters

Dog Eaters available online!

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At the SeaLion Books online store.

200 pages, full color, glossy paper. Details here.

Black Dog Clan member, Chris Roth, has passed…

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Very sorry to hear that Chris Roth, bass player and educator, passed at age 40 from brain cancer.

Chris participated in a jazz music event for DOG EATERS a couple of years back at the Dragon Upstairs on Hotel St. in Honolulu.

He was a gentle and giving person…

From left to right: Jason Gay, Ikaika Tecson, Dennis Ouchi, Malcolm Wong, Chris Roth, Lady Paisley, Shinya Yarimizo, Seph I. Uno.

Print copies have started going out into the world

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Jay and Skip are among the first readers of DOG EATERS.

Very interesting!

It’s not too late, we’ve just begun

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So when you look into the sun
Look for the pleasures nearly won.
Or was it better then to run
Than to spend the summer singing.
And summer could have come in a day.

Trying to blend in

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Do you try to blend in?

Or stand out?

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