Dog Eaters

On a clear day…

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You can see forever…
If you choose to open your eyes…

The view of Mt. Fuji from Nakano-ku, Tokyo.

Dustin & Takako @ Uplink, Shibuya

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At times, the music sounded… Yes… Angelic…

Takako said she was nervous, but there was no reason why, I think… She’s performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Rocket stove, simple and elegant

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Hanalei has a postage stamp of a property in Wailuku, but he has maxed it out for sustainability. These rocket stoves are pressure-cooking laulau (pork, fish, chicken, taro, etc wrapped in taro leaves) and taro. Because his wife and children are extra-sensitive to calcium oxalate crystals, they pressure cook for 3 hours, which would use a lot of electricity or gas. Definitely helps his utility bills.

Dustin pounds poi for the first time!

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Not a South Park Hawaiian.

Real Hawaiians pound poi!

ever found yourself lost?

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