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Moving forward

Posted on 08.31.12 under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters

Is often moving backwards in time. Hence the “prequel.” Malcolm is now writing a Black Dog Clan origins series. Here are some sketches by Dreamers Studio of Surubaya, Indonesia.

The “Rose” Pinup, almost complete

Posted on 08.29.12 under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters

The vixen of Three Palms and Tommy’s object of temptation…

Dog Eaters iPad app animation intro

Posted on 08.23.12 under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters, Uncategorized

DE iPad App Intro from Malcolm Wong on Vimeo.

Get the iPad app for Issue #1.

Chasing rainbows…

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Early morning double rainbows over Dog Eaters screenprints.

And from another angle, framing the Koop, the site of many audio, dance, and visual creative endeavors.


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First harvest. We are hoping for 50% abundance in 2013…

Runes from outer space etched on a taro leaf. Still working on the translation…

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