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another leader falls for a younger woman

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One of the oldest stories known to man. One of the most classic mistakes known to leaders. Can we really learn from others mistakes or do they only get hammered home when personally experienced?

Night tones…

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Yes, your madness…

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Madsaki’s holding a solo show at Clear Edition & Gallery in Roppongi.

His Royal Madness is probably not that interested in the traditional mimetic, image-making aesthetic required to sell art to match the decor of your normal interior design.

the moment before the inevitable…

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There was a brief moment where he thought he might be able to escape, but then he blinked and it was too late…
Ink by Larry Akins:

Another sunny day…

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Pai Loko, Waihee. This pond is covered with red algae. Was used as a water source by the ancient Hawaiians.

Two pet prawns, one is red, the other brown — neither are cooked.

A tenor uke in the right hands can sound very, very good!

Kumu takes a walk.

Finishing up by dunking Mayor Alan Arakawa of Maui for a good cause: the fight against cancer at the Relay for Life in Wailuku. He’s a good sport.

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