Dog Eaters

recent glass poi pounders

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Fully functional glass poi pounders.

color revisions continue…

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All the color pages (169) have been completed and Giye and Brolo are going over the complete story again with a fine-toothed comb.

Here we see a night attack by the Stone Roaches.

it’s bike season!

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Put something exciting between your legs!

May 21, ring of fire eclipse

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From up on the roof in Nakano-ku

From 6:15 AM to 7:30, thinking the negative aspects in our lives that we want to eliminate. Within ourselves. And from 7:30 AM, when the eclipse was perfect, to 9:15, thinking of positive things/wishes we want for ourselves in the future

32 yr anniversary of Empire Strikes Back

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I saw that the Empire anniversary was today and it reminded me that the very first Star Wars poster was painted by my father’s best friend, Thomas Jung. The Hildebrandts redid the poster — or were “inspired,” and the rest is history.

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