Dog Eaters

we’re getting closer to the end of our journey…

Posted on 03.10.12 under Black Dog Clan, Dog Eaters

The pencil artwork for the Dog Eaters, the graphic novel are complete. Well, just needs a little cleaning up…

Here, it looks like it might be a happy ending. But there are still a couple pages to go!

Enter the ‘awa

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You can smoke the leaves (good for those who don’t want to get a positive drug test) — use all parts of the ‘awa plant (the root is the most potent) to obtain the state of mind that the Hawaiian leaders used to reach consensus on the issues of living.

The proportions of this pounder make it good for pounding ‘awa root with force.

Here is the shredded root in a cheese cloth bag — a very large tea bag, in fact.

I drank one and got a nice tingly tongue. I think 3 or 4 cups would put you “there.” It’s a bitter taste, but certainly nothing like peyote.

Glass poi pounders put to the test

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And they passed with flying colors!

Poi pounding action by Staci.

Staci bends to take a shot.

Green beer glass for Ivo.

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