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Drinking & driving can be hazardous

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Especially in a high speed chase when you’re handling heavy automatic weapons…

Dustin at the The Hemlock w/ Woodsman, San Francisco

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Dustin Wong continued his tour, which started in Baltimore, went south and west to SXSW and then to San Diego and turned north to San Francisco at the Hemlock Tavern.

Dustin reunited with old friend and artist, Michael Bartalos. Michael taught Dustin his first two chords: Em and D. Now look where he’s gone with them!

Dustin is building momentum…

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Dustin Wong is at SXSW right now, featuring the songs of Dustin’s new album, “Dreams Say, View, create, Shadow Leads.” If you’re there, please check him out.

His performance on the first day was reviewed by Pop & Hiss (Los Angeles Times), The Atlantic and enroute from Baltimore, Dustin had this nice telephone interview with the Phoenix New Times.

We’re rooting for the lad!

Dustin at Hank’s CafĂ©, Honolulu (Dec 22, 2011)

Crystalline knowledge

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Do you always trust your first initial feeling
Special knowledge, holds true, bears believing
I turned around and the water was closing
All around…

Like a glove
Like the love that had finally, finally found me
Then I knew
In the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me thru the mountains
Thru the crystal-like clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet
To the sea…

~ Stevie Nicks

dog eaters under the rainbow

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