Dog Eaters

“Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads” drops today

Posted on 02.23.12 under Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong

Here’s the review by Pitchfork
Buy it at Amazon here.
Or buy it direct from Thrill Jockey (Dustin’s label) for a dollar less than Amazon, here.

Available as a CD, a double LP, or MP3.

dog eaters pinup 3

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This sums up the texture and feel for Issue #3.

dog eaters iPhone app coming soon

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The iPhone app for Dog Eaters is in the approval queue at Apple. Should be available soon! This is the digital “cover” for the horizontal format for the iPhone app.

Well met, BDC member!

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Malcolm with Neville Brody, an esteemed member of the Black Dog Clan. Neville is an important figure in the design world, revolutionizing the use of the Mac in graphic design and typography. He is now one of 6 deans at the Royal College of Art in London and well as maintaining his own design studio.

Neville was also instrumental in helping Cross World Connections become a limited company in Japan.

Neville is in Tokyo to give a series of lectures on and about design.

Dog Eaters Issue#1 at iTunes Store

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