Dog Eaters

surviving the end days on a 1/16 of an acre

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Ex-bodyguard Hanalei has set up aquaponics, two chicken runs, a rabbit hutch, ducks, water catchment, meat smoker and dirt farming on 1/16 of an acre. He is fully equipped to survive if the ships stop coming in.

Oh, and an imu, which is buried under the truck.

Real descendants

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Laurel Douglas is not related to George Clooney, but she is a descendant of the Cookes and Athertons, missionary family elite that took over Hawaii and ended up overthrowing the monarchy of Queen Liliuokalani in 1898.

Laurel, a.k.a Auntie Seeti, is researching her ancestors’ misdeeds and devious takeover of Hawaii. She is a prime source for the book by Sarah Vowell, “Unfamiliar Fishes“, after meeting Laurel at the Mission House doing her own research.

The sons of the original missionaries to Hawaii returned to New England and in their senior year at Yale were inducted into the infamous Skull & Bones, a tradition that continues… 50 people heading special interests rule Hawaii, and this does not include the governor, who is basically a puppet. This is a microcosm of the way the U.S. Federal government is controlled.

Laurel, Guy, Junko, and Staci.

Laurel, Guy, and their grand daughter.

Guy’s uniform from the days when he was in the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization. Guy is now a documentary videographer covering contemporary and historical Hawaiian issues.

View from Laurel and Guy’s house.

Butterflies escape the net…

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The butterfly net, that is. Not the internet.

God light over Haleakala.

life ends, that’s the brutal truth.

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And this dog was consumed by insects, not humans…
Perhaps the end of notorious Grey Dog, accused of eating all of Jennifer’s (of Saigon Café) chickens.

No positive i.d. possible because of the elusiveness of Grey Dog. Grey Dog was hard to photograph and appeared as a silhouette. The fur color was hard to determine. We’ll have to see if there is another sighting. If not, perhaps we can lay Grey Dog to rest.

Another reminder that all things return to the Earth…

The black dog clan learns to eat fish…

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Deep water snapper, probably Goldflag.

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