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Looking East from Ala(Moana)

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young love is a lovely thing

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The biological imperative has many variables. Which ones are in play here?

Hank’s Café

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Dustin checks the sound at Hank’s Café, a dive on Nuuanu St just off Hotel St in Honolulu while Isaac sets audio levels for recording. Dustin played a great set — symphonic in structure, one theme blending into another.

building Food sources

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The key to getting out from yoke of the 1% is having our own food and energy sources. This is our attempt to get a head start and be ready for the Apocalypse.

Native Hawaiian taro. Six months til harvest.

Sweet potatoes, mango trees, and macadamia trees from fore to background. Sweet potato and mango still immature. Macadamia nuts are mature and producing lots of nuts.

Papaya (there are about 10 of these small ones) in the foreground. Taro in the background.

Dustin preps huli for planting.

Post-apocalyptic gothic. But where are the machine guns?

On the coast, life begins

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Angie’s baby will be called, Destino, for the clan’s new destiny.

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