Dog Eaters


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A dish thought to be most satisfactory served cold. But for Tommy, this is served extra rare and steaming red hot.

Black dog clan caravan on its way!

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The Black Dog Clan nears its destination. Nothing can stop them now! But…

This is one of the designs, for sure

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Look for this t-shirt at New York Comic Con!

Prepping for New York Comic Con

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Going to have new Dog Eater t-shirt designs for New York Comicon – two out of these three with one of them the Dog Eaters Icon shirt.

This will be white ink on a black t-shirt.

And one of the two below:

Tracy will be properly inked and should jump into the foreground of this design. If not, well…

Back to Nature

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A working bath at Nick’s Place in Hilo, Hawaii.

Exterior and interior at Nick’s Place.

Seen at Anekona Compound.

Just what you don’t want to see at the airport: what appears to be an explosion just beyond the runway at Kahului Airport! Actually, it’s a canefire. A common site on Maui.

The wind blew this one into this shape.