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Bronco’s no gentleman…

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Bronco takes advantage of the element of surprise.

Self-efficient, self-sustaining clan members

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In Kahakuloa, Maui, Uncle Oliver (ex-fire rescue, ex-cop, deep free diver, currently a taro farmer, and Hawaiian activist) has set up a community that is almost completely off the grid. He has photovoltaic electricity (still needs generator backup), taro and luau leaf patches, loads of papaya, bananas and mango, chickens, hunts for wild pigs, and had this young crew preparing a tilapia pond. He also has a few dogs, but we’ll leave this subject alone for the moment.

Uncle Oliver also has a little hydroelectric idea utilizing the river water he has running down the property. By focusing a portion of it into a 4″ pipe that narrows to a 2″ pipe, the velocity of the water accelerates to spin a propeller-like water wheel.

Looking forward to seeing how the tiliapia pond and hydroelectric works out.

And here’s the swimming pool.


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Part woman, all amazing Amazon…

Benefit for the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster

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Hawaii is heavily dependent on the income that Japanese visitors bring to the islands. There has always been a strong affinity between the two island chains — even before Pearl Harbor! Junko and Malcolm held a benefit featuring Malcolm’s Natural Beauty & Long Life Curry!

Even now, the aftershocks are numerous and heavy.

Just the next night after returning to Tokyo (April 7), there was a big shaker closer to the coast than the monster that caused the nuclear plant disaster. It was 16 km deeper, though and no tsunami.

Here is an interactive map of earthquake activity that timeline begins two days before the great quake, when a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit off the coast shortly before noon March 9.

Here’s a helpful radiation dosage chart.

There’s a Roach that still needs to come through the door

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The art process from left to right.