Dog Eaters

Camera test — random images

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Self-portrait with characters from Macross at Shinjuku Marui One.

Buddha carved in the Bali style.

There is no religion but “Gen.” That’s Chinese yuan, or money…

To the rescue

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Bevan and Tracy chase down Bronco’s Stryker-Hummer in Issue 6.

Roaches view of life… and death

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Through the scope of a gun…

Murder and killing is not a crime to Roaches. It’s a character trait.

These are not breasts!

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Malcolm also blows glass and these are for lampshades — and not for the Playboy Mansion!
A macadamia nut has been placed for scale. No metaphorical, allegorical, or representational meaning is implied.

Black Dog Clansman activities

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Ian Anderson, Designers Republic, was in Tokyo for a retrospective exhibition of graphic art at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. In the mid to late-90s, CWC represented Designers Republic. Ian Anderson is now an established spokesman for British design. His work speaks for itself.

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