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In search of the great whale…

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You can see whales in Maui from December 1, 2010 to May 2011. Best viewing is late-January to the beginning of March.

Standup paddle boarding from Makena Landing towards Molokini Island. Notice how green it is, which is quite unusual.

Whales were diving, breaching, and spouting but this was the best photo I could get.

Much easier to hunt and stalk unsuspecting standup paddlers.

Tracy in pursuit

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In Issue 6 (the last issue of this mini-series), Tracy goes in pursuit of the hybrid Roaches that have kidnapped Tommy.

Black Dog Clan members @ Anekona Compound

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The activity was fast and furious at Anekona Compound. The Russian with the cross on his chest had vengeance on a cheatin’ heart on his mind.

Dale, extreme sportsman was tiling today with Walter who flashed his iPhone and showed off the x-ray of the titanium brace in his wrist. You can see the exo-brace, too.

Kimo and Le’a spent their 2nd day at the Hula Koop laying tracks for Ku’u Aina Ho’oheno, a Napalapala’i song.

These wheels were made for rolling…

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the mirrors in his eyes

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Do you see the future, or the past?

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