Dog Eaters

females ask hard questions

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How strong are the ideals of men when confronted with the wishes of women?

children can be devious

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But Tracy is no longer a child — at least in her own eyes. She has crossed over into that exciting but dangerous time when she considers herself a woman…

hitting the casino at three palms

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The Black Dog Clan has a night off. Tommy and Stevie hit the casino but Stevie’s heart has been crushed and he just wants to be by himself.

Leader’s perogative

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Tracy wants to do the right thing. Lamont must determine priorities and allocate resources to ensure that the Black Dog Clan will have enough to finish their journey. Chunga backs up Tracy. She’s also strong enough to carry Bevan and a conversation at the same time!

Like NYC in the mid-to-late 80s?

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I saw this trick used by some kids in NYC in 1988 — when New York was actually dangerous. One of them lay down as bait hoping to coax a Good Samaritan into coming close so the rest could jump him. Luckily a cop obliviously walked by. Even though he didn’t notice anything, one of the kids hissed: “5-0!” and they all evaporated into the night.

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