Dog Eaters

When the real bill comes due —

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The collection agency arrives! Bronco and his thugs pay a visit to Tommy to extract a pound of flesh — or more…

it’s not gratuitous…

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It’s an essential part of the story! Tommy makes a risky decision. Does he have enough guts to pay the bill? And I’m not talking about money…


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The Black Dog Clan stops at a casino-city in the American Southwest to trade goods and re-supply their armored caravan on the way to the Gulf where they will establish their own city.

are step-mothers always evil?

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Maybe not always, but it’s easy to get into fights with them!

Before and after

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(left) Tokyo Big Sight in 2010 (right) Tokyo Big Sight 2090

In case you need reminding, “Mankind failed to transcend the Petroleum Age.” However, don’t worry, it’s all good. I mean, it’s all green.

Illustration by Tokyo Genso

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