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rose in urbano

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Color studies of Rose for her reappearance in Urbano. Which hair style do you like?

At the biggest trading center on the way to the Gulf, that Black Dog Clan stops to sell their goods. A girl from the past re-enters Tommy’s life…

Off into the sunset

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And towards their future. Issue#5 pg 20 color detail.


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Color study for Ubano, the largest trading center on the Black Dog Clan’s route to the Gulf.

Happiness can be startling…

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Tracy hopes that Bevan shares her joys of spending time (and money) in the big trading center of Urbano.

Geek Mecca: Comiket summer 2010

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Comic Market or Comiket is held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight.
It seems like more people go to this 3-day event than San Diego Comic Con, but maybe that’s an illusion…
Mostly fan and original art, corporate presence (software, apps, DVDs) is held at bay by a multitude of small booths that cover the entire Big Sight floor space. You really have to know what you’re looking for or you’ll be overwhelmed.

Imagery can be described as:

Androgynous, ambiguous
Girls as boys, boys as girls
Girls on girls, boys on boys, boys on girls
Cute, weird, ugly — Comiket is democratic
There’s a fantasy for everyone…

There are quite a few of these drift/pocket rocket-type cars that are used as canvases for manga and animé imagery.

Official Comic Market posters

These are guys, but you already knew that…

This androgynous creature strenuously worked it; contorting it super-hard. She completed these poses in about 20 seconds.

Along the edges, geek-photographers gave detailed direction during semi-private photo shoots.

They were also shot by their own kind…

Boys draw pinups and porn. Girls draw gay (both male and female) and hetero porn, but they take longer to get to the action. They need more foreplay, I guess.

Tsumamigui: something salty to eat while drinking alcohol. “For Adults Only”

An app. I wonder what it does…

Breaking the law, breaking the law!

There was already fan art for the Chirstopher Nolan movie, “Inception,” which coincidently, we saw after Big Sight.

Couldn’t help noticing this hybrid solar wind power unit.

Comiket had it’s own drink. Tasted like a diluted Pocari Sweat.

After “Inception,” which was brilliant by the way — walked past Kabuki-cho to Seibu Shinjuku and took the train home.

This card, which I found in my bag, advertises a maid bar in Akihabara — where you can still find Otaku in their natural environment, although now it is overrun with domestic and international tourists. This bar’s unique take is that the maids are boys. Hey, something for everyone…

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