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Downtown LA

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When wants become needs…

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The night that the Black Dog Clan pulls up to Urbano, the biggest city on the trade route, Tommy can’t wait to go in and party. He still can’t suppress or sublimate his testosterone-fueled desires. And Stevie calls him on it…

next stop, los angeles

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My homework: think of at least a two (or preferably four) – quadrant idea for a script. But this is not one.

Seen on the way to a meeting: a stretch limo, a vintage pick-up, Hollywood Museum, and a longhorned hood ornament and the destination in Tujunga. Nope, nothing here.

The search for inspiration continues…


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The Green Hornet vehicle. Would you rather have this, or the car below?

This is Mead’s Tacoyota, a chopped Toyota pickup with a Tacoma front. Just the sort of vehicle that a young couple would start with in the Black Dog Clan. All it needs is a gun turret on the roof…

More vehicles seen in San Diego: tin Harley Davidsons in the window of the shop across from the hotel.

Back at the Con, stopped just one more time to admire this vintage Conan image.

On the left a mysterious Russian handing out temporary tattoos for Feminine Fatale. On the right, a Spiderman comic that was originally 12 cents now being sold for $3500.

In the vintage comic section — the heart of Comicon — a display of original artwork.

A signed photo of the original Slave Leia, Carrie Fisher.

On our way out, we see a guy who dresses like this to meet girls.

Crossing the tracks on the way out of the Convention Center for the last time in 2010. See you next time!

JULY 24, 2010 COMIC-CON DAY 3, Saturday

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Old Friends…

Mead came in from Palm Spring last night. He was a partner in a couple of seminal art shows as a sonic creator and actor for May Day ’79 and “Fear of Failure.” An excerpt can be seen on YouTube, called Heat Seekers.

The mask on the left? A Zelda character. On the right: Marat Mychaels, creator and artist for Demon Slayer, a trade paperback (graphic novel) published by Arcana.

The doors have been opened above Odin’s throne, revealing a suit of armor.

The Arcana (and Zedura) booth babes are ready to work…

LL Cool J told us he would not be signing autographs, but that we could take photos. Thanks LL!

Paul Kaiju on the left, while a military babe demonstrates coffee handling technique. Paul is now a full-time vinyl kaiju designer. He was previously working at a petroleum company diagramming pipe locations for safety but was cut back. Safety has not been an issue when it comes to cutting expenses and we can see how that works out with the BP oil disaster in the Gulf.

Paul is working out of the Crossover booth, which like the name implies, has kaiju mashups with artists designing heads for each other’s monsters.

Paul’s head on another’s body.

At the DKE booth both holding figures that they have made. One is on his iPhone, the other for a French artist.

Dragatomi was selling customized toys of all kinds: large scale Dunnies, et al and even…

On the left, a custom Blythe by Brigette Couvert ($950) and on the right, the creator of Buff Monster.

Jun Planning had a booth full of Pullips but empty of people. When I took this photo, the man at the counter ducked behind a wall of dolls (you can only see his arm). That seemed like a guilty reaction to me.

Malese Jow, actress in the Vampire Diaries TV show is attached to the Arcana film property, Koni Waves.

Outside the convention center, pirate music was playing.

On the way to the Gaslamp area, a butt jumped into my line of sight.

This butt followed up.

When I went by this Zombie, she was relatively harmless, just snarled and swayed a bit, but later in the day, she started attacking people.

Across the tracks, a SyFy balloon, train, and the convention center.

Offsite shooting.

The legendary Flynn’s Arcade, hawking the 2nd coming of Tron.

The interior of the arcade and the vintage game and pinball machines.

Cool steampunk weapons.

Right next door to Flynn’s, a real video arcade with photo-technology that puts you right in the game!

White Bat.

With Queen and Rabbit.

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