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New black dog clan member is a feng shui master

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Western-style Feng Shui master, Mark Ainley came for a social visit and lunch but took a look at the Jeffrey Fulvimari Superstore (JFSS) in Daikanyama from a geomantic point of view.

While documenting that, Malcolm took a quick self-portrait.

Tommy vs. Stevie

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Stevie is determined to make Tommy understand that being a leader is not about entitlement. Even if Tommy is Lamont’s son, he still has to put in the effort and pay his dues.

New Black Dog clan members @ Parco Logos

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On the left, Amandine, an exchange student in architecture from Paris. On the right, David, who’s company 2dk, provides creative services from offices in Tokyo and New York.

They were at Parco Logos Gallery for Dominique Corbasson‘s live painting. Here she is with her daughter, Victoire.

New clansmen @ Neville Brody’s Ginza exhibition

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One of many great pieces of design at the Neville Brody exhibition at Ginza Graphic Gallery.

Neville pioneered graphic design and typography on the Mac computer in the 80s and was instrumental in the founding of Cross World Connections in 1991.

New Black Dog Clan recruits at the opening party include: Junko (multiple initiations), Mario and Phil (London entourage), Yuko (Bijuutsu Shuppan-sha editorial staff), Mochi-kun (illustrator, manga-ka, designer), Dominique Corbasson (CWC artist from Paris).
Neville and Malcolm…

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