Dog Eaters

When older brother doesn’t like your boyfriend…

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Tommy catches Tracy with Bevan when she should be on night watch.
Issue 5, page 16 color detail

When three is a crowd…

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Detail from Issue 5, page 15. Tracy sneaks into Bevan’s temporary quarters and her older brother, Tommy, is going to make sure nothing is happening…

Angie is pregnant — and really showing…

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During a brief stop, Stevie goes to see how Angie is feeling.

Yes, no, or maybe?

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When do you take an answer literally? When a man and a woman talk, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Issue 5 page 14 page detail.

Hawaiians in Yokohama — new bdc members!

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After almost ten years, we met up again with Healani Youn, the Miss Aloha 1985 at the Millions of Tastes Cafe in Yokohama where her husband, Keli’i Kaneali’i, one of the original members of the duo Hapa along with Barry Flanagan was playing a live event. Hapa was the definitive Hawaiian music of the 90s.

Great to meet up with old friends. We’ll be seeing more of each other in the future.

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