Dog Eaters

Testosterone rising…

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Drama requires conflict. While we love to watch it, it is sometimes a bit stressful to be a part of it. Here, Tommy and Stevie argue about responsibilities.

Page detail pencil from Issue 5, page 13.

Tracy’s growing up…

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The journey is getting more complicated — and dangerous — as time passes. Tracy starts to act on her crush on Bevan at bedtime…

Dog Eaters Issue 5, page 14 detail before color.

Mixed emotions…

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Success elicits different emotions for different people. But no matter who wins or loses, they can keep this in mind: Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.

Dogs and things at VenusFort, Odaiba, tokyo

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VenusFort has a Dog Run and many people bring their dogs — mostly to show off fashion. You’ll see sweaters, booties, intricate haircuts. But for a Dog Eater, it arouses certain appetites…

But not a terrorist alert.

Still life, interrupted

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Panel detail from Issue #5, page 8-9 spread.

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