Dog Eaters

The world is overdosing on c19 h28 o2

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Dog Eaters, Issue 5-pg 12 detail

At the end of the day (fancy way of saying: night), it probably does matter…

Old friends, new clan members

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen these old friends, but they are now new members of the Black Dog Clan!
Left: Yukio is a senpai of Malcolm’s from University of Hawaii. They blew glass when Steve Correia was the glass instructor, the first year of the “new” art building. Yukio is now the ceramics teacher at Chaminade University and visiting his family in Tokyo. He was brought up in Daikanyama and one of the ways he walked to junior high was the street right in front of CWC. It’s been about 28 years…
Right: Hiroshi is a producer of animation programs for Takara-Tomy. It’s been about 9 years…

Bevan hits a difficult shot

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To Tommy’s displeasure, Tracy’s joy, and Stevie’s surprise…

A loser becomes bitter when he’s behind and careless when he’s ahead; a winner keeps his equilibrium no matter which position he happens to find himself in.

dead-eye tommy

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Hitting a bottle, not a problem for Tommy. This is a guy that can consistently put headshots on running ostriches from a moving vehicle.

Gimme that thing!

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As impetuous as always, Tommy snatches his weapon of choice. We’ll see if he can walk his talk…
(Dog Eaters Issue 5, page 10 panel)

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