Dog Eaters

Black Dog Clan in Spectator Mode

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Issue 5, page 8 pencil. More than entertainment, a shooting contest will determine bragging rights in the Black Dog Clan.

Who’s watching who? New Black Dog Clan members, left: Maki — tencho of JeffreyFulvimariSuperStore; right: Atsumi — Japan Domestic Online Shopping (but she’s moving to Kyushu at the end of April as her husband was transferred)

summer 2010 Dog eaters t-shirt #2

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Shari Chankhamma, who toned & inked Dog Eaters Issue 00, the b/w give-a-way for SDCC 2008, inked this image from Issue #4 for the second of two t-shirts for Summer 2010.

Shari’s graphic novel, ‘The Sisters’ Luck‘ will come out in July this year, if everything is on schedule. Her webcomic, “Pavlov’s Dream” comes out weekly.

new stickers, new black dog clan members

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Showing off the new Dog Eaters stickers!
From left: Yoshiko – Blythe shop and stock; Sayaka – Blythe doll designer; Yumiko – CWC Press; Manami – JeffreyFulvimariSuperStore and domestic online shopping.

2500 of these stickers were printed.

alpha male, part 2

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This time in color…
It won’t be much of a spoiler to leak that Bevan and Tommy have issues.

See the pencil here.

for san diego comic-con

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Yes, Malcolm will be there and based at the Arcana Comics booth! He will have a limited number of t-shirts (2 designs) and a lot of stickers. So if you want to be initiated into the Black Dog Clan (a unique membership with psychic and other intangible benefits, mostly on a non-physical plane of existence), please drop by! Below is one (of the two) t-shirt designs and the sticker (size relationship not to scale).

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