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A surprising new Black dog clan member!

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No, not Mathew Fox from Lost. He’s a member but not a new one. Mr. Fox was initiated at the 2008 San Diego Comic-con. On the left is Miyuki and she brought her dog, Mick, to the office yesterday.

Here’s what they call an “American joke,” in Japan. The dog’s name is “Mick.” You pronounce that “meeku,” if spelled in katakana. There’s a meat and potatoes dish the Japanese call, niku jagga — which is literally: meat and potatoes. So I call Miyuki’s dog, Meeku Jagga (who is also the Rolling Stones singer).

Hungry yet? Didn’t laugh? Well, that’s why they call it an “American joke!”

Aim twice, shoot once…

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Hello! Who’s that running around in the shooting range?
Issue #5, page 11 Pencil detail.

panel detail for issue 5

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Tension mounts as Tommy (left) and Bevan (right) prepare for a shooting contest. If Bevan loses, he must leave the Black Dog Clan.

mystery art at the etna

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Etna is an Italian restaurant on Nakano Dori very close to our apartment. Great food, good wine, funny master. He was given this painting by one of his customers when he had to move to a smaller apartment — tough economical times. When he was flush, he bought two of these for $100,000 USD. This is one of the pieces, reflected in a mirror. Couldn’t read the name of the artist, but he is a friend of Christian Riese Lassen, the kitschy surfer/marine artist. Ah, the good old days when this kind of art could be had for a small fortune. Now they have to give it away…

Anyway, what is the subject matter of this oil painting?


more new black dog clan members!

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From left to right: Miyata-san (window display for Junie Moon, the flagship shop for Blythe), Mai (Junie Moon shop sales), Takahashi-san (master of Shosen soba shop), Rika-chan (Shosen soba shop waitress).

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